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About Us


Okavango Electronics(Pty) Ltd. was registered in Botswana in 1989 as a subsidiary company of Teljoy Business Systems South Africa.


Mr G.S.Clarke took up residence in 1990 as General manager of Okavango Electronics(Pty) Ltd. Okavango Electronics (Pty) Ltd started operations in 1990 with two expatriate staff and one Motswana employee.


Okavango Electronics was bought from Teljoy Business Systems by Mr G. S. Clarke and Mr V. Richardson and became Power Contracting(Pty) Ltd. trading as Okavango Electronics, with Mr Clarke as Managing Director and Mr.V. Richardson as Technical Director.


ln the course of 28 Years that Okavango Electronics have been operating in Botswana we have grown into a company owned and operated by the resident directors, with a staff of 14 Motswana permanent Staff Members.

Over the course of the 28 Years of Operation in Botswana Okavango Electronics have provided Fire Detection & Alarm Systems, Fire Protection & Extinguishing Systems, Access Control & Security Systems, Closed Circuit Television Surveillance & Recording Systems, Satellite Communication Systems, Television Reception & Distribution Systems, Audio and Audio/Visual Systems to a large cross section of Government, Parastatals, Industrial and Commercial Enterprises throughout Botswana and neighboring countries.

Okavango Electronics have installed and, in many instances continue to provide service & maintenance to a diverse client base, see listed here.

Okavango Electronics Training Policy is one of continuing Internal and External training of our staff to maintain the highest levels of competence.

Okavango Electronics maintains an adequate stock holding of equipment and spares to enable us to maintain and repair clients' systems as quickly as possible.


Fire Protection

fire suppression

We design, supply, install and maintain engineered fire protection systems, systems that comply with international fire standards. There is no 'one size fits all system or solution when it comes to fire safety. Fire can cause devastating damage to a company's assets, severe and often unrecoverable loss of data, not to mention the potential danger to life. We will provide you with engineered fire protection systems/ solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

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Access Control

access control

Do you need to restrict access to key areas of your business operations and keep track of all visitors? We offer the very best in access control solutions specially designed to enhance safety, security, accountability and to improve overall productivity in your work place.

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CCTV Surveillance


Closed Circuit Television Systems need to be designed to meet with the clients requirements and budgets, in order to safeguard valuable company assets, enhance work place security and to provide essential observational data in regards to employee performance and customer activities. It is critical that CCTV surveillance systems give the client the optimum benefit for their financial expenditure.

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Digital Audio & Recording

audio system

We are the sole authorized reseller and support provider for two International Digital Audio Recording & Transcription Systems Manufacturers. We have designed and supplied digital audio recording/ transcription systems to a diverse client base throughout Botswana. Often combined with conference audio and public address systems these digital audio recording & transcription systems provide secure verbatim recording of court proceedings, meetings, conferences and public hearings.

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Time & Attendance

access control

We provide efficient management and recording of employee's attendance and working/ shift hours. The time & attendance systems are configured to specifically meet with each clients requirements. The time & attendance system can also be easily exported into numerous payroll software packages

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